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I'm Bria

Hi there, I'm Bria Walker! I am a graphic designer and entrepreneur based in Houston, TX. I mainly work with new or existing lifestyle and e-commerce brands as a freelancer. I am open to work.


During my university days (University of Houston Alumna), I was the Lead Designer and Social Media Manager for the UH Caribbean Students Organization and then the Texas Caribbean Students Organization. I focused on various mediums from web banners, clothing design, social graphics, and web design. While I participated in that, I began my Social Media Internship at That is where I learned more about the marketing side of branding. I studied topics such as google analytics, SEO, and copywriting alongside my managers. Each experience allowed me to explore my skills as a designer and in new areas such as marketing.


My goal as a designer is to continue to help small, family, or WOC/BIPOC businesses with design assets whether it's with a design team or a client.


When I am not stressing over adobe creative suite, I am out trying new foods, catching the hottest concert, or planning my next vacation!

Current Favorites




Laci Jorden


Black Panther - Wakanda Forever


Get Good With Money - Tiffany Aliche


Forest & Mojo

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